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  • What are the safety measures to be taken when we live near high tension tower? is there magnetic arc to affect
    The idea that power lines may be linked to cancer is one of TWENTY OF THE GREATEST BLUNDERS IN SCIENCE IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. So says Judith Newman in the October 2000 issue of Discover magazine, which is published by the Disney Co. "Currents That Don’t Kill" is #9 on the list, which also includes Chernobyl, cold fusion and the Iridium project. Newman states that the Clinton administration “estimates that American taxpayers have paid $25 billion to determine that power lines don’t do anything more deadly than deliver power” (emphasis added). She explains that, "After several enormous epidemiological studies in Canada, Britain and the United States, the danger was completely discounted" (see p.1). Her source is Dr. Robert Park, the physicist-lobbyist, whom she quotes as saying that power frequency fields can’t be associated with cancer because they can’t break chemical bonds and, more generally, that the whole business is "preposterous". See page 10 of the attached PDF link for the article.

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